Pastor Bruce Kirkey & Sister Elma Kirkey
Bruce & Elma Kirkey

Pastor Bruce Kirkey and Sister Elma Kirkey have been serving the LORD together since being married in June 2014.

Pastor Kirkey was saved in September 2011, two days after being presented with the Gospel at Toronto Baptist Church. Shortly thereafter, he felt called to preach and had a burning desire to see people saved. His hunger for the Word of God drove him to read the Bible 30 times in full, and memorize/retain 79 Bible chapters. In Spring 2013, he started door-to-door soul winning, and has continued since on a weekly basis.

Elma Kirkey was saved in April 2007, in Hong Kong, shortly after visiting a Baptist Church and being confronted with the Gospel by a lady who led her to Christ. Afterwards, Elma Kirkey started to read the Bible, attend Sunday school/worship faithfully, fellowship with other born-again Christians, and began to share the Gospel to the lost during church evangelism. Elma continued her Christian journey when she came to Canada; four years later, God blessed her to meet Bruce at Parklawn Baptist Church in Etobicoke.

Bruce Kirkey was appointed Pastor by a US missionary who planted Amazing Grace Baptist with church consensus in May 2018.

Pastor Kirkey can be contacted by phone/text at: 647-766-5505.